Keep ’em Guessing

13 04 2010

It’s happened to everyone (I think) — Standing in an elevator Monday morning and some poor sap is frantically trying to make themselves look presentable on the ride up. Their clothes are wrinkled — and given that it was St. Patty’s Day yesterday — there is an unmistakable odor of Guinness and Jameson clinging to them.

Now while your boss might not appreciate your distinctive scent, your fellow co-workers immediately appreciate your dedication to the adage ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’ (well, maybe not everyone) — thus securing your spot in the office social hierarchy.

Want the perks but not the inconvenience of splitting headaches and an insatiable thirst for H2O? Enter The Beer Soap Company and their fully stocked soap bars ranging from Corona to Guinness.

At $5.50 a pop, it may be the easiest way to advertise your social prowess (or just smell like a drunk).

Here are some of my faves

Sierra Nevada Infused Soap

Lemon essential oil meets Tobacco Blossom, Honey, Rose along with Cedarwood, Mandarin Rose, and Caramel.

Stella Artois Infused Soap

Dill Pickle mixed with Pine, Lime, and Woods make for a fresh and clean scent. The dill adds a pleasant slant to your usual everyday aroma.

Corona Infused Soap

Black Pepper and Lime is the perfect blend of two essential oils. Herbal yet fresh with a citrus zing.

Check ’em out at




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