Beginning of the end — Evolution of a man cave

10 03 2011

So after recently leaving San Francisco for a house in the East Bay, I am beginning my pursuit for the perfect man cave.

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved spending time in my dad’s garage. Taking things apart, tinkering, head scratching, and occasionally putting them back together again. I didn’t realize how much I loved the garage until I was living in San Francisco and discovered my landlord didn’t have a table saw, air compressor, or wood lathe for us to use in the basement — apparently they call someone called a ‘handyman’ to fix and build anything they need. Bizarre.

Anyway, now that I have freed myself of the shackles of city life, I am ready to transform my one car garage into a DIY sanctuary. Currently, it holds an awesome red standing tool chest that my dad got me for my birthday as well as a pancake compressor. I am planning on hanging a boxing heavy bag from the ceiling joists, and have already hung our two bikes from utility hooks.

The most recent addition is the result of a request for a farmhouse table to be built for our living room. The plans are simple, but I needed a saw. After many searches online, I settled on a compound miter saw. I figured it was the most versatile for the projects I would be doing and any larger cuts could be made at Home Depot for free. I went with the Hitachi 10″ 255mm Compound Miter Saw on It received stellar reviews and was significantly cheaper than going to Sears or Lowes.

Well, it showed up today in all its glory and I can’t wait to start making smaller boards out of bigger boards.

Stay tuned for the farmhouse table.




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