Partial Mash Blind Pig IPA clone

11 03 2011

The first brew I’m going to attempt in the new house will be a Blind Pig IPA clone I found on After trying to eliminate the ‘extract twang’ from my previous brews to no avail, I’m trying a partial mash strategy to hopefully produce a better beer.

In order to brew this recipe, I needed to add a piece of equipment to my brewhouse. I bought a five gallon Rubbermaid beverage cooler to serve as my mash tun. I scored it at a local hardware store in SF for about $30.

For this batch, I’m not going to build a stainless steel filter/drain for the mash tun. Depending on the results of mashing in a large mesh bag, I may go ahead and overhaul the spigot and add a filter system to mash with loose grain.

This batch will also be the first time I am using liquid yeast. I got a smack pack of American Ale yeast from my local brew supply and am planning on making a yeast starter a day or so in advance. I’m hopeful that the switch from sprinkling dry yeast on my wort to a yeast starter will yield good results.

Here is the recipe for my Blind Pig IPA clone:

4 1/2 lb 2-Row Pale Malt

1/2 lb 40L Crystal Malt

1/2 lb Carapils/Dextrin Malt

1/2 lb Wheat Malt

4 lb, 1 oz Briess Golden Light Dry Malt Extract (DME)

2 oz Zeus Hops (15.4% AA)

2 oz Cascade Hops (6% AA)

3/4 oz Simcoe Hops (13.2% AA)

1 oz Centennial Hops (8% AA)

1 tablet Whirlfloc

Wyeast 1056 American Ale Yeast

4 oz corn sugar

Total cost ended up being around $53.77 with some extra hops and DME.

Next step….. get the yeast going.

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6 04 2011
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