Blind Pig IPA clone brewday

13 03 2011

So I smacked my yeast starter pack last night and awoke today to an inflated yeast pouch — hopefully that means my yeast is healthy and ready to go. I decided not to do a small starter as everything I read said that this starter size should be adequate for wort up to 1.060 OG. I’m shooting for 1.050 to 1.060, so I should be good.

Being that it was my first time using a partial mash technique, I followed the process laid out on Being that their beer was the one I was trying to duplicate, it made the most sense. Here is the rundown of the steps involved:

Heat 8.25 quarts of water to 165 degrees for a target mash temperature of 150-153 degrees. Place the 6 pounds of crushed grain (2-Row Pale, 40L Crystal, Carapils, and Wheat) into a large mesh bag. Pour the hot water into the beverage cooler, then lower the grain bag into the water very slowly, pushing and prodding with a large spoon to ensure all the grain is wet (this can take several minutes). Put the lid on the cooler and allow to rest 60 minutes.

While the grains are mashing, heat another4-5 quarts of water to 180-185 degrees for sparging (rinsing the grains). Near the end of the 60 minutes, heat 2 quarts of water to a boil in your brew pot.

After the first mash is complete, remove the cooler lid and open the spigot to draw off about 2 quarts of wort into a large pitcher. The first draw will likely be cloudy with grain particles; pour it gently back into the cooler over the grain bag to help filter it. Draw off the remaining wort by the pitcher-full and carefully pour that wort into the boiling water in your brew pot; continue until only a trickle of wort leaves the spigot.

Pour about 4 quarts of your hot sparge water over the grain bag in the cooler. Gently lift the bag up and down to thoroughly re-wet the grains (but don’t slosh). Cover and let sit about 5 minutes. Use the spigot and a pitcher to draw off all of the second wort and add it to your brew pot. You should have about 3 gallons of wort.

Bring the wort to a boil and add hops accordingly to the schedule. At time zero, remove from the heat and add the DME one pound at a time, stirring to dissolve (if needed, return to low heat for a few minutes to help dissolve the extract). Stir in 1 tablet Whirlfloc. Cover and let sit 10-15 minutes.

Hop Schedule

1 oz Zeus – 60 minutes

1/2 oz Cascade – 30 minutes

1 oz Cascade – 15 minutes

1/4 oz Zeus – 2 minutes

1/2 oz Simcoe – 2 minutes

Move brew pot to an ice bath and cool quickly to less than 80 degrees. Transfer wort to a primary fermenter, straining most of the hops. Add water to reach the 5 gallon mark. Swirl vigorously then pitch the yeast.

Ferment in primary for 1 week, then transfer to secondary and dry hop with 1/4 oz Zeus, 1/2 oz Cascade, 1/4 oz Simcoe and  1 oz Centennial. Bottle after fermentation is complete (2-3 weeks).

All in all it took about 3 hours to complete the brewday. My IPA had a starting gravity of 1.052 – well within the target I was shooting for. Even the initial taste test had a much more defined hop character versus the malty taste I used to get from my extract only brews.

I’ll give it 5-7 days in the primary, then move and dry hop.

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23 05 2011
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