Blind Pig IPA clone Dry Hopping

19 03 2011

The Blind Pig IPA clone has been in the primary fermentor for 6 days and fermentation has slowed to a crawl (a bubble every 10 or so seconds). It’s time to move it to the secondary fermentor for dry hopping.

I sanitized all the equipment and started weighing out my left over brew day hops to use for dry hopping. I am using a combination of whole leaf and pellet hops. Here is the dry hop schedule:

Secondary Fermentation

1/4 oz Zeus

1/2 oz Cascade

1/4 oz Simcoe

1 oz Centennial

After moving the fermentor to the counter top and letting the trub settle, I started racking the beer into the secondary fermentor (6 gallon glass carboy). During the transfer, I added the whole leaf hops and finished with the pellets when the transfer was complete. Here are some pics of the process:

Before I racked the beer to the secondary fermentor, I checked the specific gravity to see how the yeast attentuation was progressing. With a starting gravity (OG) of 1.052, the beer had already attentuated to 1.012 in 6 days. This put it at around 5.5% ABV. Hopefully I’ll get a few more points before bottling.

I tasted the beer and it was much better than any other IPA recipe I’ve brewed before. The body and bittering from the hops was great and I hope the dry hopping will add good aromatics to the finished beer.

Well, back in the corner for a couple weeks and then I can bottle!

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23 05 2011
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