Quick Bedside Shelf Project

29 03 2011

Yesterday I had the chance to knock off a quick and easy project by making a bedside shelf. The requirements for the shelf were only that it needed to hold an iphone, glass of water, and possibly a book. So in between NCAA basketball games, I headed over to Home Depot for a few supplies.

In order to make the shelf as small and convenient as possible, I am going to mount it under the windowsill and plan to anchor it into the wall studs with some 1 1/4″ screws.


MDF Plywood (I used a cull piece I found in the scrap section at Home Depot) – $1

Metal brace/bracket (comes in packs of 2) – $4

Primer spray paint – $4

Gray spray paint – $4

Starting off, I took a rough measurement of how long I wanted the shelf to be. I ended up settling on 18″ as that seemed  to accommodate all the necessary items (phone/book/water glass). I then cut the scrap MDF with my miter saw to length.

I then screwed in the wall brackets/braces about 5″ in from each end of the shelf. Make sure the brackets are square with an engineer’s square or use the ground to simulate the wall when positioning the brackets on the shelf.

Hit it with some primer and then give it a light sanding.

I decided to only paint the top of the shelf gray and to leave the bottom and brackets white to hopefully blend into the wall. I used blue painter’s tape to mask the area and then applied two even coats of gray paint to the shelf.

I let dry overnight and then attached under windowsill in bedroom.

Done and done.




One response

26 06 2011
Brendan McKenna

Thanks for posting this entry. You’re number one in google for iPhone bedside shelf!

I am thinking of two features I’d like, one, have the water lower down, I don’t trust water on the same level as iPhone. And two, integrating the dock connector so the iPhone docks right into the shelf. But they’re crazy ideas.

Yours is practical, and the grey looks great.

Thanks again.

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