Blind Pig IPA – Bottling Day

17 04 2011

I finally got around to bottling my Blind Pig IPA clone on 4/11, about 4 weeks after moving it to my secondary fermentor for dry hopping. It was probably a week or so more than needed, but I was busy and didn’t get around to it.

I opted to use 22oz bottles instead of 12oz as it is less of a pain in the ass to fill/cap the needed amount. Hopefully, I’ll have a keg system soon so I can have fresh beer on tap all summer.

I sanitized my bottles and caps while I was waiting for my water to dissolve the priming sugar before adding to the fermented beer.

I needed about 30 22oz bottles for this batch. I ordered some great caps from (I think they just started offering custom bottle caps).

When I bottle, I use the dishwasher as a staging and filling area as it contains any spills and overflows from the bottling process.

After using and ultimately breaking my benchtop capper, I bought a simple hand capper. In my opinion, it is much more convenient and a better design.

After filling and capping the bottles, I moved them into old wine boxes and let them sit for two weeks. I tasted the finished beer and am pleasantly surprised with how close it mimics the IPAs I really like.

It ended up at 1.010 FG with a ABV of just under 6%. Not bad.

Check back in two weeks for final results.




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23 05 2011
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