Sunday Project — Cleaning the BBQ

23 05 2011

This one has been a long time coming. Over the years, my bbq has become encrusted with grease, dirt, and leaves and started to lack the cooking efficiency it once had. I cleaned up the inside pretty easily using a steel wire brush and some sandpaper (on the gas vent holes), but the outside was a different story. Although it had been covered when not in use, the grill was caked in oil, grease, cobwebs, dirt, ect. After cleaning out the garage and finding an old can of engine degreaser, I thought it may be the perfect solution.

Disclaimer: Although it is safe for auto engines, you may want to try it on painted/stainless surfaces before caking the bbq in the foam. I had no issue with painted top and plastic parts on the Weber-Q BBQ.

Shopping List

– Pump Sprayer (or hose)

– Engine Degreaser (I used Foamy Engine Brite – $5 at Autozone)

– Brush

I first attacked the bbq with the brush to remove the dead oak tree leaves and spiderwebs. After I got all the loose debris off I sprinkled it with water to try and give the cleaner the best shot at dissolving the grease. I then sprayed the cleaner all over the grill/stand/legs. It sat for 10-15 minutes to dissolve the grime then I gave it another quick coat of cleaner and attacked it with the brush. You don’t have to get too aggressive with the brush – it is meant more to dislodge the gunk that the cleaner has dissolved. Hit the foamy bbq with a hose or sprayer to remove the cleaner and you have yourself a brand new bbq! May need repeat treatments if you’ve never covered or cleaned it before.


– Be careful not to spray the cleaner onto the grilling surface or inside the cooking areas (it is meant for auto engines and probably won’t add great flavor to your tri-tip)

– Wear old clothes as the ‘flinging’ action from the greasy brush will make it onto you new white kicks every time.

Celebrate with Santa Maria Trip-Tip and call it a day!




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