BMW Wheel Emblem Repair

20 03 2011

So my quick project this weekend was to fix my missing BMW emblems that disappeared seemingly all at once from my wheels. I am convinced the wheel cleaner I had been using loosened the glue and they finally fell off on the drive to work. After looking at a replacement Read the rest of this entry »


DIY AUX Input Cable for e46 BMW

21 02 2010

Problem: I want an AUX MP3 player in my 2003 E46 BMW. However, the current options are either pricey or result in poor quality audio. After a quick search on, I found many semi-complete tutorials on how to MAKE an AUX cord that will plug directly into the BMW factory head unit. Since I was trapped indoors as the rain pelted San Francisco for a solid week — I took out my soldering iron and gave it a go. Read the rest of this entry »