Riding Dirty

31 03 2011

Saw this whip on the drive home from work. What recession? People are still riding dirty in Oakland.

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Beat LA

7 12 2010

Even though I have been living in Northern CA for years, I still retain my love for the LA Lakers. Few teams inspire so much hate and contempt from seemingly sane people. As I only get to see them live when they play the Sacramento Kings or Golden State Warriors, I am all too familiar with the ‘Beat LA’ chant. Well, it looks like I Read the rest of this entry »

ATTN: New Music Delivery

5 12 2010

There’s something to be said for people who take the initiative to find and share great new music and artists with others. After spending time with R-O and having also lived with a DJ from Chicago in college, I’ve got a pretty varied taste in music. However, for better or worse, my favorite ‘songs’ tend to be mixes that break down and rework tracks to create something new and energizing.

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San Francisco Fleet Week 2010

11 10 2010

What a weekend! The weather was great, Giants are in the playoffs, 49ers are…uh, nevermind, and the Blue Angels didn’t disappoint. Everyone was enjoying Fleet Week 2010 in San Francisco, except for maybe the firefighters, who were bumped to No. 2 on the ‘most desirable males’ list behind fighter pilots. True story – all the single girls Read the rest of this entry »

Wedding mix of the year

10 10 2010

With wedding season coming to a close, it’s only right that we crown the ‘Wedding Mix of 2010’. This one gets my vote:

Listen live and download – Wedding Mix – August 21st, 2010 – DJ R-O

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An American Classic

31 08 2010

As I settled in for another great season of Mad Men, I realized I needed a drink that would command the respect of the ad men on Madison Ave. I opted for an American classic – one with an ambiguous origin. The Manhattan.

The most popular story put the Manhattan’s birthplace in New York City in the early 1870s. It’s inventor, Read the rest of this entry »

Farmer Family Fiesta 2010

31 08 2010

Well, I’m pretty sure ole Murphy (of Murphy’s Law fame) was rolling around laughing when he heard the Farmers and the Foxes were getting together for the Farmer Family Fiesta 2010 at Lakeside Nacimiento. Not everything went according to plan, but all in all, we had a pretty awesome time. Read the rest of this entry »