BMW Wheel Emblem Repair

20 03 2011

So my quick project this weekend was to fix my missing BMW emblems that disappeared seemingly all at once from my wheels. I am convinced the wheel cleaner I had been using loosened the glue and they finally fell off on the drive to work. After looking at a replacement Read the rest of this entry »


Blind Pig IPA clone Dry Hopping

19 03 2011

The Blind Pig IPA clone has been in the primary fermentor for 6 days and fermentation has slowed to a crawl (a bubble every 10 or so seconds). It’s time to move it to the secondary fermentor for dry hopping.

I sanitized all the equipment Read the rest of this entry »

St. Paddy’s Day

17 03 2011

Happy St. Paddy’s day!! Hope you are enjoying some of this sweet nectar.

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Blind Pig IPA clone brewday

13 03 2011

So I smacked my yeast starter pack last night and awoke today to an inflated yeast pouch — hopefully that means my yeast is healthy and ready to go. I decided not to do a small starter as everything I read said that this starter size should be adequate for wort up to 1.060 OG. I’m shooting for Read the rest of this entry »

Partial Mash Blind Pig IPA clone

11 03 2011

The first brew I’m going to attempt in the new house will be a Blind Pig IPA clone I found on After trying to eliminate the ‘extract twang’ from my previous brews to no avail, I’m trying a partial mash strategy to hopefully produce a better beer.

In order to brew this recipe, I needed Read the rest of this entry »

Beginning of the end — Evolution of a man cave

10 03 2011

So after recently leaving San Francisco for a house in the East Bay, I am beginning my pursuit for the perfect man cave.

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved spending time in my dad’s garage. Taking things apart, tinkering, head scratching, and occasionally putting them back together again. I didn’t realize how much I loved the garage until I was living in San Francisco and discovered Read the rest of this entry »

Beat LA

7 12 2010

Even though I have been living in Northern CA for years, I still retain my love for the LA Lakers. Few teams inspire so much hate and contempt from seemingly sane people. As I only get to see them live when they play the Sacramento Kings or Golden State Warriors, I am all too familiar with the ‘Beat LA’ chant. Well, it looks like I Read the rest of this entry »