One Month Hop Update

30 04 2011

It’s been about a month since I planted the hops, and let the record show that I’ve successfully sprouted all three hop rhizomes. The weather Read the rest of this entry »


Hop Update — Let there be light!

17 04 2011

It looks like my hops are making some progress. With the recent heat wave in the SF bay, I’ve seen little sprouts start to peek out from beneath the soil in the pots. I’ve placed them Read the rest of this entry »

Growing hops in containers

6 04 2011

So while waiting for my Blind Pig IPA clone to finish dry hopping, I received my order from of hop rhizomes. I ordered Cascade, Nugget, and Chinook. They all came in small bags that I put in the fridge until I found out how to grow these things.

Because we are renting a house, I wanted Read the rest of this entry »